Kobelco 7045


Our Kobelco 7045 is in a good working condition, immediately available and ready for inspection.

We have all necessary documents and papers for you to register and operate the crane:
CE (Declaration of Conformity)
Operating instructions
Crane log book
Load charts

If interested we can also help you with transport, paintjobs and service/maintenance.

Manufacturer: Kobelco
Type: 7045
Liftingcapacity: 45 ton
Year: 1995
Serial number: GM00390
Crane Chassis
Crawler type: Bulldozer
Crane Superstructure
Engine: Mitsubishi 6D15T
Engine output: 114 kW / 155 hp
Main boom: 12 meter (more available)
Jib: 6 meter
Winches: 2
Hookblocks: 35t (3-sheave), 5,7t (Ball hook)
Counterweight (t): 15,050 t
Safe load indicator: PAT Kruger

Datasheet                  Brochure


Merk: Kobelco
Type: 7045
Bouwjaar: 1995
Hijscapaciteit: 45 ton
Gieklengte: 12 m (more available)
Klapjib: 6 meter
Lieren: 2
Motor merk/type: Mitsubishi 6D15T
Motorvermogen: 114 kW / 155 hp
Onderwagen: Bulldozer
Hijsblokken: 35t (3-sheave), 5,7t (Ball hook)
Ballast (t): 15,050 t
LMB: PAT Kruger
Serienummer: GM00390
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